2015 Shadfest Honors

This year the Shad Derby Bureau held its first ever 2015 ShadFest Honors, where our own Krissy Hoffman was honored. The ceremony was held on Friday, October 16, 2015 at The Lodge on Deerfield Road. The ShadFest Honors highlights the work of the Shad Derby Bureau volunteers who make our organizations and town that much better.

Kristin (Krissy) Hoffman, our Shadfest Honoree, first became involved in community service when she 10 years old while helping her parents set up for a community fundraiser at their local school. Over the years she went on mission trips with her Father to Appalachia, worked on multiple town fundraisers with her parents, was the youngest Vice President of the Mendham Ladies Auxiliary until moving to New York in 1990 and then became involved with larger foundations such as the Cancer Society where she began her love of organizing large events.

Kristin moved to Windsor in 1998 and soon after became involved in both First Town Downtown and teaching CCD for St. Gabriel's Church in the hopes to get to know the people of Windsor. In 2000 she joined the Windsor Junior Woman's Club (while an active member of the Junior League of Hartford). During her 13 years in Junior Woman's Club, she was the Publicity Chair, Vice President, Co-President and Co-Shad Derby Coronation Ball Chair (for 3 years). In 2012 knowing she would be ending her time with Juniors she was asked to join another Windsor civic organization and chose the Exchange Club of Windsor. She is going into her 6th year as an active member and has been Co-Chairing two of the largest events since she joined. She has recently accepted the President-Elect officer position in the Exchange Club, and is working towards becoming their next President. During this time from 2010 to present she has been active with the Shad Derby Festival, she sits on the Shad Fest Bureau and has been the Secretary since 2013. In 2014 & 2015 she was nominated as the Shad Derby Festival Co-chair and is also very active in her daughter's school, St. Gabriel's. Kristin took her love of volunteering and in 2013 began working for the Greater Hartford Arts Council as the Development & Special Events Manager.

Kristin believes due to the amazing volunteers she has been able to work alongside and learn from in all of these Windsor organizations she is truly blessed to call Windsor her home. Big Thank You to her husband Bob and daughter Grace for their continued support and patience every time she runs out the door to yet another meeting.