National Exchange Club National Project

<b>The National Exchange Club Project -  the prevention of child abuse </b>
Through the evidence-based Exchange Parent Aide model, The National Exchange Club has demonstrated a clear and unwavering commitment to preventing child abuse and strengthening families across the country. Studies have shown that child abuse and domestic violence are not mutually exclusive, nor are they exclusive to any particular race, culture or socioeconomic status. Our Nation has been bluntly reminded by actions within the NFL that the damage and effects of family violence are devastating - physically, psychologically and emotionally. 15.5 million children in the United States live in families in which partner violence occurred at least once in the past year, and 31% (1 in 3) children who witnessed partner violence reported being physically abused themselves. 

The National Exchange Club is calling on the National Football League, and its players, families, all NFL-related associations, and communities across the United States to take a firm stance against family violence. Exchange has reached out to NFL leaders to offer education and assistance through the Exchange Parent Aide model, and we will continue to do so. Exchange's Mission, working to make our communities better places to live, reaches beyond simple geographic borders and recognizes a community as a unified body of individuals. The NFL is, in fact, a community where Exchange can make a difference, and where our National Project - the prevention of child abuse - has a place.