National Exchange Club Foundation

National Exchange Club Foundation
The National Exchange Club and the NEC Foundation are speaking with one voice to help change the lives of children and families, and impact communities all across the nation.
There is a renewed sense of commitment to our important mission of strengthening families, building communities and serving America. We have revamped the NEC Foundation website and updated the logo to reflect a fresh new look. Thank you for your generous support in the past, and we look forward to partnering together as we move forward.

The NEC Foundation seeks to continue funding of the programs of the National Exchange Club, and of course, there are many financial challenges involved in this great task. Here are a few ways you can help us grow and expand the NEC programs. The programs that we are targeting include:
Scholarships for our A.C.E award and Youth of the Year award winners. Our current commitment is $20,000, but we wish to raise it to $60,000 so we can award three A.C.E Scholarships and three Youth of the Year Scholarships.
Training and supportive services to our dedicated Child Abuse Prevention staff, and
Projects to continue to help build strong communities.
Please consider the NEC Foundation in your end of the year giving plans. Your partnership will go a long way towards ensuring the growth of the National Exchange Club's programs.

Thank you,